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Steve Jobs – iAd Mobile Advertising

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  1. May 5, 2011 at 2:29 am | #1

    This book is exceptionally well researched and written, covering comprehensively the full spectrum of cellphone advertising, from the pioneer markets such as Finland and Sweden, to the backwards markets of mobile telecoms such as the USA to the cutting edge markets such as South Korea and Japan, to markets in developing countries such as India. The content is totally up-to-date, including the brand new mobile ads based UK wireless carrier Blyk. The authors have interviewed numerous industry thought-leaders for the book, include 16 case studies and even short essays by 13 executives from major players. The book is very well balanced covering the advertising and media angles as well as the cellphone side. It is also a robust and realistic treatment of the current state of the industry, not pulling punches, and admitting to lots of issues that need to be resolved. A thoroughly useful, practical and insightful book that I can recommend to anyone interested in advertising on cellphones.

    Tomi T Ahonen
    Author of 5 books on cellphones and convergence
    Lecturing at Oxford University short courses on cellphones
    Hong Kong

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